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6 Makeup Tips for a Younger-Looking skin

Embracing fine lines and wrinkles with every year passing by can be challenging. While many things can be done every day for better skin, managing to make the skin look amazing with flawless makeup despite aging, requires expert tips. Following are some of the most useful makeup tips that can be opted for looking younger. 

  1. Use a primer
    Skin usually starts losing some radiance with age, as there is a complexion change. A primer can be used to restore the vibrance in the complexion. A makeup primer also forms a smooth foundation that acts as a canvas for the rest of the makeup. Choose a primer with a radiant finish for a brighter look. Some makeup experts also suggest using a soft buffer brush to allow the foundation to smooth out the skin more easily.
  2. Use a combination of eye cream and concealer
    Dark circles beneath the eyes with fine lines signify aging skin. But applying creased and cakey concealer will undoubtedly add more years to the appearance. Instead, gently pat a bit of eye cream or eye balm into the makeup mix for a slightly dewy finish. It reduces dryness around the eyes, blending with the concealer simultaneously.
  3. Foundation with a warmer shade
    It is recommended to choose a shade or two warmer concealers or foundation shade and not the exact match of the skin tone. This is because makeup experts suggest that using a foundation of the exact shade as one’s complexion makes one appear older. Apart from this, using a warmer shade of foundation can help extend the coverage beyond the visage. Some makeup artists also use bronzers beyond the cheeks, especially on women over 50. Applying a bronzer under the cheekbones, across the forehead, and under the jawline gives a chiseled glow and naturally warms up the skin.
  4. Highlight eyebrows
    Highlighting eyebrows are among the most useful tips to get an overall youthful look. Define the shape of the eyebrows subtly by highlighting the arches. An ultra-fine-tipped pencil to draw and blend out tiny brow hair will give a more natural appearance.
  5. Use brown mascara
    Switching black to dark brown or espresso shade mascara can often slash years from the appearance. Dark brown mascara also better compliments different eye colors. However, the same dark brown mascara can make one look tired if it does not complement the skin tone. Beauty experts suggest curling lashes before swiping on mascara for a more youthful effect.
  6. Don’t forget the lips
    The lips can become asymmetrical with age. Makeup artists suggest balancing it out by using a lip pencil. Choose a shade and formula that has the right amount of slip. Make sure it is soft enough to glide on the lips. It is also recommended to create symmetry by drawing four separate strokes, starting from the outer corners to the center of the bottom lips. Apply lipstick in the same fashion and then use a lip brush to diffuse the edges slightly for a softer look.

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