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About us

The IDEA: In the beginning of this decade, none of us knew we would be locked down for the most part of 2020 and 2021. We didn’t know the losses we would all experience – directly or to people we love. We didn’t know that we would be starved to hear any good news. That started the idea of Theupliftnews.com. We wanted to write articles and share information that would influence people positively. That would uplift them.

The EXECUTION: What started as conversations over coffee and green tea (and let’s not lie, vodka and wine as well), soon turned to scribblings on paper napkins and little notes on the phones. It then turned to a WhatsApp group and within a few weeks we had enough interest and momentum to have a ton of good content. From there, it was an easy jump to launching a site.

The FUTURE: Within weeks of launching the site, we knew that YOU are the future of the site. Yes, YOU, the reader. We want to keep the site as relevant to you as possible. As useful to you as possible. And not to lose sight of our original goal, as uplifting as possible. We vow to keep the site updated with fresh content while taking any suggestions that our readers might give us and grow this community as much as possible.

Any and all content on our sites is for educational purposes – please contact specialists in respective fields before practicing/implementing any information on the site.

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