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6 Tips to Pick the Right Dress for Every Occasion

Dressing up for an occasion can be a hassle for many. What’s appropriate for office events, birthday parties, or a colleague’s baby shower? Is the dress too bright? Are the pants too casual? Do the shoes match the theme of the party? Fashion can be tricky, but basic tips can help you make some quick and easy style decisions that you won’t regret. Here are some tips to buy the right dress for every occasion:

  • Embrace your body type
    The talk about loving your body and curves (or lack of any!) is becoming one of the hottest topics of self-care. One of the best tips to buy the right dress for every occasion is to embrace your body type and buy the right cut and fit. Apple shaped, pear shaped, or curvy, there’s always a right fit for you!
  • Challenge the rules
    Sure, certain style tips have been followed for years, but if you’re someone who likes to challenge the norm, why not break some rules in styling as well? Try some flats with formal wear or wear white after Labour Day! It’s always exciting to experiment with your clothing and style to define the unique you.
  • Ask the host
    There’s no shame in asking for help! While some events may have a theme and dress code specified, some may not. Instead of fretting and stressing over what to wear for the occasion, you can have a quick conversation with the host asking their advice on what would be appropriate. This tip to buy the right dress for every occasion can help you avoid feeling over- or under-dressed when you show up for an event.
  • Dress casual for a date
    Dress casually and like yourself. Trying too hard might play against you, so try not to overdo your look. That said, casual doesn’t mean ragged, so clean up well. Wear a simple pair of skinny jeans and shirt, and carry a stylish sweater if it’s cold.
  • Be comfy for family get-togethers and barbeque parties
    Casual, fun, comfortable. This is what your outfit should be for these events. Wearing sundresses or skirts with a plain top with some flats can work well on such occasions. Since there could be some running around, it is always a good thing to ensure that you can comfortably walk around and take up activities in your outfit.
  • Go traditional for religious ceremonies
    Since this will be a traditional setting, people from all age groups might be present. An excellent tip to buy the right dress for such an occasion is to pick something conventional. Skirts that fall below the knees and dresses that do not show off too much skin are preferred. Low-cut outfits may not be best suited for such occasions, so ensure that you leave them out.


Dorothy Boyd

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