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5 Ways to Stop Smoking Naturally

Around 14% of adults in the country face numerous health risks due to cigarette smoking. The main reason is that nicotine is highly addictive, which makes quitting the habit difficult—although not impossible. Studies show that with the right approach and acknowledging the problem, it is possible to kick the habit naturally. Here are five effective ways to combat this unhealthy habit.

  • Stay away from triggers
    Even a whiff of secondhand smoke can reignite the urge to have a few puffs. But it is essential to resist this desire and stay away from places that are triggering. These can be the smoking zone at a workplace, a coffee shop, or a bar. It is also important to limit alcohol when one quits, as it’s harder to stick to the no-smoking goal. If one has the habit of smoking after meals, they must find something else to do instead, like going for a walk, chewing gum, or brushing their teeth.
  • Resist the urge to smoke
    It is crucial to train the mind to overcome the temptation of smoking. If one feels like giving in to the craving,  they should take up something to distract themselves. Going for a walk in a smoke-free zone or doing some chores are great ways to derail cravings. 
  • Apps to quit smoking
    It should not come as a surprise that there are now apps that help users kick the habit. Most of these apps can be downloaded free of cost and come with periodic reminders and messages that train the mind to resist the temptation. The quit START app is great for beginners. It gives the user tailored tips and challenges to kick the habit and live a healthier life based on their smoking history.
  • Keep busy and exercise
    A great way to quit the habit is to plan and stick to a routine. Starting the day early and going for a run can reduce the temptation to smoke. Studies show that keeping busy helps to resist the urge to smoke. Even a short burst of physical activity like dancing or running up and down the stairs can make tobacco cravings go away. 
  • Don’t hesitate to get support
    Motivation is key here when it comes to forming a new habit. In this case, it is to stop smoking. So one should not hesitate to get professional help from counseling and support groups. Meeting like-minded people who live a smoke-free life or have successfully quit the habit can help make one’s goal seem attainable. Also, it is best to tell one’s friends and family that they’re trying to quit. One can also choose to go for behavioral therapy.


Dorothy Boyd

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