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5 Main Types of Plastic Surgeries Explained

Modern medicine and use of today’s innovations in technology allow doctors and specialists to perform cosmetic procedures that completely enhance a person’s appearance. From head to toe, these surgical and non-surgical methods can correct, improve, strengthen, and tone the body to one’s satisfaction. Note that most of these surgeries are expensive and some must be done multiple times to get the desired effect. The five most popular reconstructive surgeries are discussed herein.

  1. Breast Surgery
    Processes like breast augmentations help enhance size and contour and can be done by removing excess tissue and tightening the skin around the breast muscles. Women who have already undergone augmentation or implant surgeries can alternatively have implants removed or replaced for extended use since these have a limited life. Women may also opt for breast reduction to alleviate any discomforts or achieve a size proportionate to the body. Even men with abnormally sized breasts may undergo a procedure called gynecomastia to reduce the unnatural size and tone its appearance. 
  2. Fat-reduction Surgery
    Belly fat or fat deposits in the buttocks are common these days among men and women living in an urban setting. The lack of proper exercise, untimely routines, and unhealthy food choices can result in excess fat retention in several parts of the body. But modern medicine introduces some shortcuts in the form of liposuction and nonsurgical fat reduction. Also referred to as lipoplasty, doctors surgically remove the excess fat deposits and help people reshape their natural contours. Today, doctors can also explore non-surgical techniques to remove this excess fat using medications injected into the body to destroy fat cells, heat treatments, or even cooling treatments that destroy the fatty cells. 
  3. Body Surgeries
    Men and women can undergo arm lifts to remove excess flabs, body lifts for better shape and contour, excess skin removal after weight loss, thigh lifts to reshape the densest muscle group, and tummy tucks. Women can additionally opt for a mommy makeover wherein doctors surgically restore the shape or contour of the breasts, buttocks, waist, genitalia, and the abdomen to achieve that pre baby body look. These surgeries include different types of augmentation, the use of implants, liposuction, tummy tucks, and even breast lifts for a truly all-round makeover. 
  4. Face and Neck Reconstruction
    Performing forehead lifts, cheek reduction, cheek enhancements, and getting facial balancing done to improve overall features is surgically possible. Surgeries are also done on the ears, chin, eyelids, nose and neck to perhaps reverse the signs of aging, correct deformities, reverse any birth defects, or simply improve the appearance of the elements that make up the entire face from the forehead to neck. 
  5. Minimally Invasive Procedures
    Plastic facial or bodily reconstruction can also be done with minimally invasive procedures like Botulinum Toxin, chemical peels, dermabrasion, microdermabrasion, dermal fillers, laser hair removal, tattoo removal, spider vein treatment, and laser skin resurfacing. All these treatments are done to address targeted problems.

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