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11 Tips to Top the Lipstick Game

Most individuals spend hours perfecting their eyeshadow game and even longer knowing exactly how to apply a highlighter. But strangely, lipstick application is something most people believe is easy till they try to swipe it on. Even if you have found the most stunning colors and luscious textures, the product can get overwhelming. To help you out with this issue, here are 12 tips on how to apply lipstick perfectly.

  1. Exfoliate
    To achieve those lovely colored lips with a smooth texture, this is one step you simply cannot ignore. Exfoliate your lips before applying any lipstick to them. Ensure that you get rid of any flakes or dry spots before applying your lipstick. 
  2. Moisturize
    Dry lips or not, it is always better to moisturize them before applying lipstick. Apply just enough lip balm or cream on your lips. If you think you applied a bit too much, dab your lips gently with a tissue or a cloth. 
  3. The lipstick bullet
    Lipsticks are the easiest and best to apply when you apply it directly from the bullet. No brushes required unless you are using liquid lipsticks.
  4. Don’t forget that lip liner
    Enhance your lip shape by using a lip liner that is a tad bit lighter than your lipstick shade. This will give them a beautiful, natural contour. If you want puffier lips, use a lighter pencil.
  5. Blot
    Blot your lips! Excessive lipstick can smudge or spread. After applying the product, use a tissue or cloth to gently blot the excess.
  6. Getting the gloss right
    Lip glosses almost never last all day long. However, if you use it with lipstick, they just might. Apply your gloss starting from the middle and gently work your way towards the edges to avoid ruining your makeup and smudging your lipstick. 
  7. Applying a thin layer of liner
    Lipstick wears off when you spend a long day out. One of the easiest ways to keep the cosmetic still on is by applying a layer of lipstick liner before going in for the main thing. Once the lipstick wears off, your lip liner still shows, keeping your look intact. 
  8. Avoid rubbing lips
    Do not rub your lips together after putting on your lipstick as it does not set it. Instead, it smudges and ruins the borders of the product. 
  9. Brushes and borders
    If you want flawless lips, you can use a lipstick brush to draw your borders and apply the color within it. The application is more precise this way. 
  10. DIY lipstick
    If you’re out of lipstick or can’t seem to find your favorite one, you can simply make a new one by mixing vaseline with an eyeshadow or blush.
  1. Mix ‘n’ Match
    Mix and match your lipsticks to create new and fun colors. You can also mix matte lipsticks with other textures to create different types of looks. 

Dorothy Boyd

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