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6 Trendy Fall and Winter Styles

Trendy shirts and slim pants are always in fashion, but when chilly winds blow through, there’s nothing quite like a nice jacket to keep you warm. Winters and the last few weeks of fall are really that harsh, so it’s better to be ready than wait for the last moment. Here’s some of the warmest and best-looking jacket styles for men, because a man’s gotta impress too, that you should buy right away!


  • Shearling Flight Jacket
    Flamboyant yet classy, shearling jackets are a must for your winter collection. The design may differ from one shearling jacket to another, but the underlying idea is the same: match comfort with a bold look that works for every occasion. The soft lining material keeps you comfortable in the cold, while the shorter length of the jacket allows your pants to stand out on its own.

  • Worker Jacket
    If the traditional idea of a jacket doesn’t interest you, try the worker’s jacket. Unlike others, it doesn’t really look like a jacket. Instead, it seems like an oversized shirt, something you just threw on to beat the cold. The material used is also thicker compared to a normal shirt. And the best part is that you can easily pair this jacket with almost anything.

  • Pea Coat
    What we most like about pea coats besides their warmth is that they enhance the appearance of whatever you’re wearing beneath. With a pea coat on, even your six-year-old t-shirt seems attractive, which is great if you want to recycle old clothes. The double-breasted buttons and large lapels on the jacket feel rich, with the inner pockets adding convenience. Scarves are commonly paired with it, especially on cold days.

  • Puffer
    Puffer jackets are made for the cold and are made really thick, so there’s no chance for the chilly winds to enter. Most of them come with a hoodie for added protection, with the faux fur used in some of them keeping you warm at all times. Design-wise, there’s plenty of options and bright colored jackets are also available. We say, pick a basic black or red, brown shade to complement the snow.

  • Fleece Jacket
    The fabric used in fleece jackets are super warm and comfortable, which makes them a no-brainer for colder months. Despite the heavy appearance, these jackets are light, so they’re easy to carry when hiking or outdoors. The color range of these jackets is massive, which makes it easy to pair with any outfit. Some unorthodox shades like cream and green look just as good.

  • Raincoat
    What’s more practical than a simple raincoat when the downpour begins? These jackets keep out water, snow, and everything that comes with it at arm’s length, keeping you all dry and comfortable. Look up tyles online and you’ll find some awesome raincoat jackets that are designed to make it worth wearing with different outfits.


Dorothy Boyd

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